Information Architecture { Week 3 }

The science of organizing and structuring content in a logical and user-friendly manner is Information Architecture.

Information Architecture (IA) is a combination of Library Science and Cognitive psychology.

IA helps the:
1. Designer thinks about different types of users and how they will navigate, search…

Design Thinking { Week 2 }

Design thinking is a non-linear iterative process in bringing a solution to life. It is the viewpoint of solving problems with a set of tools that are specifically Human-centered in the phase of creative problem-solving. It ensures emphasizing with the users, what their problems…

Fundamentals of User Experience { Week 1 }

UX Design is studying user behavior and understanding users' motivations to design better digital experiences. I understood that sometimes it doesn’t even need to be a digital experience, it could just be a bad door.

UX Design goes a lot deeper than…

Becoming a world-class UXUI designer

Hi there, my name is Muiz Haruna. I am interested in providing solutions for users without them having to think before using any app or services both online and offline.

So many people around me have difficulties in using major apps and devices, this saddens…

Yeah!, I was late and you caught me dozing.

Here in Lagos, where we get out of bed before 6 am just to make it to work by 8 am, not to talk of the traffic we face.

The fumes, heat, exhaustion from the hustle to secure a bus or…

A little motivation from your beloved

Hi!, I have three words for you, Never Give Up.

Last week, I decided to isolate myself, not that I was infected with the COVID-19 virus, but I did that just to focus more on myself, my career, and to sharpen my skills.


Muiz Haruna

UIUX Designer - Frontend Developer - Campus Ambassador @cowrywise - Working on perfecting my crafts {Dev + Design} to build #solutions that last and make 💰.

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